Hello Friends, we will be organising events for Painting, Poetry and other categories throughout the year.

There will be three type of Events: –

Type  of  Events Registration Fee     1st Prize  (Amount)   2nd Prize  (amount)  3rd Prize (amount)
  Free      1500 Rs       800 Rs 400 Rs
100 Rs     5000 Rs       3000  Rs 1500 Rs
200 Rs     10,000 Rs      5000  Rs 3000 Rs

The event will be of thematic type. In this you will be given a situation or facts and on the basis of that you have to write poems or to do painting.

For Poetry, the submission will be accepted in two language – Hindi or English

This is an online event so you must have to register on this website to be eligible for Event Competition.

You have to submit your post through the form of “Event Submission” page of this site only.

For poetry: Either you can write directly on the site in “Event Submission Form” or you can upload photo/picture of poem.

For Painting: After completing your painting, take a clear picture of your painting and upload it.

In case you upload a photo or picture as post, then please compress it and try to keep it below 1 MB size.

The Topic, Date and Timing for the Event will be available on “Notice” page of our website.

In case someone, finds any difficulties in submission through our “Event Submission Form” then he/she can also submit post through our official Email-ID mentioning their registration details

Official Email-ID: sahityaworld968@gmail.com

Thank You