Note to Foundational-Team Members:

While searching and screening the people for our “Foundational-team”, we encountered few doubts and questions put forward by the people. So we are writing the guidelines that will help people to better understand, their role, benefits, qualities expected in them and what type of contents, we will give importance.

# The Type of people we want in Foundational-Team (FT) and type of contents expected from them #

Nobody is superiornobody is inferior, but nobody is equal either. People are simply unique, incomparable. You are you, I am I.”


1. Consider below questions:

* Have you ever thought why even after more than 1000 years; we are reading, understanding and following things told (said or written) by Buddha, Mahavira, Lao Tzu, Plato, Socrates, Plato

  • Why we are reading and understanding writers, poets, painters even after more than 100 years
  • Why they choose languages(words) used by common people to express their ideas
  • Why the things told by them are relevant even today
  • What makes their work eternal

          If you think about above questions, you will get an idea of what are the things that make literature eternal.

2. The literature is invaluable, only when the values of societies are shaped by them. The literatures will be hollow if they are shaped by the values of societies.

3.   A poem is invaluable, when the poet vanishes. Writing is eternal when the writer doesn’t exist.  Music is divine, when the musician disappears.

Till you are in your poem, your poem is not divine because you are mortal.

While going through the posts (Poem, writing, Blogs etc) of new, young and creative people (submitted, or on social networking sites); we found 95% of their posts are result of their unfulfilled desire, sexual desire, love failures, sadness, madness, inferiority complex and other emotional emptiness. Just think for a moment, do you think these things would matter to you after 10 or 20 years later in your life? When these temporary things are not even matter to you then how can these be worthful for others? Everyone is facing and overcoming ordeals of their life. No doubt even these things can be eternal if you can see these things with your aesthetic eyes.

4. Versatility

  • A foundational-team member should be at least good in two or more categories (Poem, Shayari, Blogpost, Painting etc)
  • Even in a particular category, A FT member should be able to create posts on different topics.
  • He should be aware of current things (social, Political, Cultural, Technological & spiritual) happening related to different aspects of human beings

5. We want Aesthetic people in Foundational-Team

Qualities of an aesthetic people:

1. An Aesthetic person is one who doesn’t accept any division created by humans.
2. He can sense the nature, the people and the world through his senses deeply in a unique way.
3. He doesn’t want to influence anyone.
4. He just shows the truth to people.
5. He loves his individuality and is not the part of crowd

# Role #

  • As a Creative Content Creator
  • Acts as a primary filter for the posts submitted by subscriber before it is sent to Professors or Experts in respective fields.

# Benefits #

  • Foundational Team Members will get a share in the company as per their creative contribution.
  • They will get benefits provided to subscriber free of cost.
  • They will have a say in the company matters
  • Because of Corona things may be delayed but once the company starts working in full-fledged manner; we may also think of giving monthly salary keeping in mind their share and early contributions.