Sahitya World (Registered under MSME Act, 2006, Ministry of micro, small and medium enterprises, Gov. of India)

This page is also “Terms & Condition Page”.

1. This is a place where we respect your passion.

2. This is not a Copy-Paste platform, where you can copy something from somewhere and paste here.

3. This Platform makes a path for you by walking on which you can enhance your talent, passion and Intelligence

 Payment Rules:

  1. Minimum 35% payment of “total payment” will be given to female subscribers.
  2. Payment will be given quarterly. You will be paid in every 4th month. In this we consider posts submitted by you in last 3 months.
  3. You will be paid only once for any post. However you can receive royalty throughout your life.
  4. In painting category, the subscriber will get payment in 2 ways only – Royalty and Event. There will be minimum 2 events in every quarter.
  5. A subscriber can get payment in maximum 4 categories and this will depend upon the subscription-pack, you subscribed.
  6.  When you join, initially you will get a free subscription for 1 year.
Pack-Name Amount Post-limit Payment – Category Validity
Little Star    100   100            1   1 year
Little Master    200   120            2   1 year
Super Star    300   150            3  1 year 
Mega Star    400   200 4   1 year

Post-limit -> It is the maximum number of Posts, which you can post through your account on Sahitya World for a particular subscription pack.

Payment-Category: It is the number of Post Categories (Poem, Short-story, Article, Blog post etc) in which you are eligible to get payment. The number of payment categories will depend upon the subscription pack you subscribed. 

Evaluation of your Post-Content:

Evaluation Parameters   Weightage %
Originality of Content, Presentation, Fluency Creativity, Imagination, Humanity, Equality, Purpose, Meaning, Essence No of likes and comments      50%
Diversity in Motion     30%
Negative Innovation Potential     20%

Diversity in Motion: It is a very broad term. In simple words it means –

“Significant change with change can bring significant changes in life”

It means how much you (our thoughts and our whole being) are evolving with time. These things should be reflected in the post-content.

Under “Diversity in Motion” we would look forfollowing things in your post-content:

  1. Whether you are prisoner of past or living in present
  2. Whether you are justifying old or ready to change

Negative Innovation Potential: Under this we would check for biasness in your post-content.

NIQ = K * [1/c1*c2*…..cN] * [1/p1*p2*p3……….pn]


NIQ = Negative Innovation Quotient

K = Natural constant of Biasness

C1, c2…. = Inherited Biasness

P1, p2….. = Perceptional Biasness

Evaluation Process

There are 4 steps:

  1. Grade
  2. Check for Originality (Plagiarism)
  3. Expert-Credit Score
  4. Final Remarks


 Grade  Base Payment (Rs)  Maximum- Payment (Rs)
Below-Average 0 0
Average 1 50
Good 2 200
Better 4 500
Best 10 2000
Awesome 100 5000

Once your post is assigned a particular grade, you will get amount equal to Base payment. However, you can get any amount between base payment and Maximum payment depending upon other parameters (exert-credit score, originality, final remarks etc).

Check for Originality (Plagiarism): Your post content must be original. It must not be copied from somewhere else.

If we found your post-content is copied from somewhere else or if someone claims your post to be their own and provide evidence then we may take following actions:

  1. We may remove your post immediately
  2. We may ban you from posting new post for few months
  3. We may cancel your subscription
  4. We may take any other action

Expert-credit score: your post will be evaluated by experts in the respective fields (post categories) and they will give score to different evaluation parameters.

Final Remarks: Finally we confirm your identity and proceed to pay you.


Whatever you post on Sahitya World; you have 100% ownership of your content.

Content-Monetization (Royalty)

Once you subscribe to Sahitya World; you authorize us to find the best ways to monetize your content so that you can get maximum royalty throughout your lifetime for your post-content.

Shop @ Sahitya World

In this we will provide our subscriber a platform where they can sell their post-content (Poem, Paintings etc) or other literary service to other people and earn money by royalty.

Free-book Publishing:

We will provide free of cost book-publishing service to our Regular subscribers (member for more than 3 years). Any subscriber whose post-contents have good grades and good expert-credit score are eligible for free book publishing service from us and earn royalty.

Note: Because of Coronavirus, the evaluation of posts would not be possible in efficient manner, so our payment may be delayed. We will try our best to start payment between April to June month of 2021.

Thank You

Sahitya World